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[AT] Suits of Epicness! by Occsters
Playing with Smoke by Occsters
Sweet Little Bumble Bee by Occsters
Coloured lines (only one colour), now with eye-colour shown! Please note I'm more of a person who does ferals than anything else.

It is a portmanteau of Advance(d) and Chibi.

What you should do before proceeding are as follows
  • Specify what outline color you like with it. Remember, only one outline color will be used at a time.
  • Eyestyle (see the examples).
  • If your character might be too advanced for me, I'm sorry, but I'll probably have a chance to decline, regardless if I can on a piece of paper, I might accept.
  • It can be adoptables you've adopted from other people, even me!
Chibi styled art
[HANDYMONSTERS] Calamilia [inopoke's style] by Occsters
Cormack by Occsters
Flem by Occsters
Chibis, chibis, chibis, oh my!

Should you specify the reference, you can also specify if you want any eye color or the same color as the outlines. Remember that it could take a little while to do, as these are done with my HUION 580 Tablet and SAI. It'd take either a while, or that if your character is somewhat advanced for me to do, this'll sound sudden but it'll be declined (regardless i I can try again on Traditional sketch)

Males or ambiguous OCs will have w/o eye specialty (see the last two examples). Females or ambiguous will have 1 eyelash (see the first example).
Spiral Knights Squigglies
SquiggledWhiskers by Occsters
Ta-dah! The newest of all animations are Spiral Knights Squigglies! All of these animations will be done on SAI, and will be animated on GIFmaker. Each animation requires 2 frames (1 non-squiggly frame, and the other with a squiggly frame). These will be headshots.

Any NPCs are accepted, regardless if I can do that NPC or whatnot.

I'll also accept Battle Sprites AND Enemies.
Traditional Sketches (colorless)
Img 20141115 030553 by Occsters
Rhendon Sketch by Occsters
Img 20141114 233114 by Occsters
Rui by Occsters
It can be just about anything :)

Examples are the Mochi Dedenne, the apps I've played, Ruto's Hanmon Rui, and Rhendon from Spiral Knights.


Occsters's Profile Picture
L. Tindall
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi there deviant, I'm Occsters, your fellow Louisville KY deviant. I'm blowing 15 candles on August 07 along with deviantART. Not only am I a Louisville KY deviant, but a deviant born on the exact same day deviantART launched. Yes, I'm 14 if you ask, and thus, is how I got my my birthday on August 07, 2000 and acquired my title of dA launch kid. This title would also be given to other deviants born on August 07, 2000.

If any one of you want my full name, note me. That, or if you have Facebook, PM me via chat and I'll probably hand it over. That or wait until August 07, a.k.a. my fifteenth, if you want it right away, should you once again, note me and I'll eventually send it over.

Tagline reference is from a 2013 cs188 video from YouTube. It was a YTP involving rock band Blur.

Before referring to me, you MUST be using either genderfluid (it/they) (only use if you're unsure about what my sex is) or female (she/her) pronouns.

deviantID is by me, ~Occsters.

Besties: *EmBrU =VictoriaDaMeowtini ~AnnahTheMuncher =themoosetheory

IRL Twin: ~WickedWhiskers

IRL Sisters: ~WickedWhiskers ~rirrouii (inactive since 2013) ~ValerieShort

SK Sisters: ~WickedWhiskers ~rirrouii (inactive there since August 2014) ~AnnahTheMuncher

People I have seen on here who have Spiral Knights (people I haven't added in-game, but watched, are included): ~Serjinxable ~FriedSnipe ~AnnahTheMuncher ~funnysnivy4 ~WickedWhiskers ~Omglolz123 ~rirrouii (inactive on dA since 2013; inactive on SK since August 2014)

Cuzzies: ~Dillicious ~LittlestTrinketBox

Inspirations (deviantART): ~WickedWhiskers ~AnnahTheMuncher ~inopoke *CaninePrince (dA part WIP)

Inspirations (pixiv): 慧子, 瑠兎, いのぽけ, 道るに, 星子, Topaz/KENrokuEn (pixiv part WIP)

Last updated April 24, 2015 EDT, previous update April 24 2015 EDT

flag counter began in 2012, taken down on January 11, 2015 (people who click on it now links them to a parked site)

Everything, including the trivia and everything have been taken down on the April 14, 2015 update.

UPDATE 2015.04.23 some of my popular deviations are marked as storage. These deviations range from 2012 to 2014.

You do NOT need to comment about how I write and everything. Comments involving certain racism WILL be flagged as spam. Any other comment that violates this profile will cause a block.


Guess who's back from the 27th Annual Thunder Over Louisville? You guessed it, it is me, Occy.
Is "L. Tindall" Your real name?

why yes it is my first name is in first initial because why not

Kiriban will be hit at 10k, remember that. If it's at exactly 10,000, screenshot it for me and mention who you are. Don't forget to mention me so I could view.

I'm calling this an evening.


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1,000 / 2,000

where did you learn to fly be a qt p2t omg :^)

serving the US since 2000.08.07 (once again I'm sorry I know I was born the same day this site launched)

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